June 29-July 3, 2020

Chengdu • China


Conference 1: Large Mirror and Telescopes

The theme of this conference is mainly about the research of large telescope and primary mirror, including the testing and manufacturing technology of primary mirror, the development and application of new materials, the related technologies of telescope, etc. The goal of this topic is to develop high-resolution astronomical telescopes and space telescopes, especially to develop the primary mirrors in telescope. This conference is to exchange the latest progresses and breakthroughs in the field of telescope, and discuss the application of new materials, new manufacturing and testing technologies of primary mirror. This topic is mainly divided into the following parts: large astronomical telescope and space telescope, light-weight mirror technology, deployable primary mirror and telescope, the testing and manufacturing technology of large primary mirror, supporting structure and system of primary mirror, new material of primary mirror.

Large Astronomical Telescope and Space Telescope

Light-Weighted Mirror Technology

Deployable Primary Mirror and Telescope

Testing and Manufacturing Technology of Large Primary Mirror

Supporting Structure and System of Primary Mirror

New Material of Primary Mirror

Conference 2: Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies

Advanced optical manufacturing is a technology using computer and precise machine with the help of optical CAD, digital optical measurement, etc., to manufacture optical components and systems in high-efficiency, low-cost and high-accuracy level.This conference chapter refers to optical design, ultra-precision optical processing, optical coating and opto-mechanical integration, especially, ultra-precision polishing technology with nanometer accuracy. This chapter is to exchange the latest development and breakthrough in manufacturing technology and discuss optical design, processing and integration. This chapter is mainly includes 12 sessions:

Advanced optical manufacturing technology, Aspheric design, processing and metrology, High-precision freeform surface design, machining and metrology, Ultra-precision optical processing,Optical thin film technology, Advanced diamond polishing technology, Magnetorheological optical processing, Advanced ion beam refinement and plasma technology

EEM and CVM processing technology, Optical technology, simulation software and tools, Integration and manufacturing of optoelectronic components,Opto-mechanical components and equipment.

Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies

Aspheric Optical  Design, Processing and Testing

Ultra-Precision Freeform Surfaces Design, Manufacturing And Testing

Super-Precision Optical ProcessingOptical Thin Films and Coatings

Advanced Diamond Turning Technologies

Magnetorheological Optical Processing

Advanced Ion Beam Finishing and Atmospheric  Plasma Technologies

EEM (Elastic Emission Machining) and CVM (Chemical Vaporization Machining) Processing Technologies For Super Smooth Surface With Atomic Lever 

Optical Design and Simulation Tools

Optoelectronics Components and Modules Integration and Manufacturing

Opto-Mechanical Components and Instruments

Conference 3: Optical Testing Technologies and Equipments

Optical metrology is to gain physical quantities (profile, figure, roughness, etc) of tested object by analyzing and processing optical signal (intensity, phase and polarization, etc). Optical metrology and instrument, the foundation of modern optical engineering and industry, promotes advanced optical manufacturing technology. This chapter is focused on the latest development and the future trend in optical metrology and instrument for advanced optical manufacturing, including new theory, new principle, new technology, new method, new application and new instrument. This chapter consists of 8 sessions: freeform surface metrology, aspheric metrology, ultra-precision optical metrology, ultra-smooth surface metrology, infrared metrology, Surface-damage detector,nanometer testing, new testing technology and instrument, simulation model.

Optical Freeform Surface Measurement

Aspheric Optical Surface Measurement

Super- Precision Optical Surface Measurement

Super-Smooth Surface Testing

Infrared Measuring Technologies

Surface Finish Measurement

Nano- Measuring Technologies

Novel measuring Technologies and Instruments

Analysis and Modeling Tools.

Conference 4: Micro/Nano Optics

Metasurfaces and Planar Optics


Subwavelength Electromagnetics

Super Reslution Imaging and High Sensitivity Sensing

Nonlinear Optics, Quantum and Topological Photonics

Catenary Optics and Meta-surface wave

Micro-nano fabrication

Conference 5: Extreme Manufacturing Technologies

Laser Cleaning and Diagnosing

Laser Processing

Super-Resolution Optical Processing

Additive Manufacturing

Nano-imprint Lithography

Extreme Micro/Nano- Manufacturing

Flexible Micro/Nano- Manufacturing

Self-assembling manufacturing

Conference 6: Novel Opto-Electronic Materials and Devices

Metamaterials and Metasurface Application Technologies

Novel Acoustic Materials

Novel Opto-electronics Devices

Novel Opto-electronics Effect

Novel Electromagnetic Material

 Conference 7: Intelligent Sensing Technology

Intelligent Sensing Materials

Micro/Nano Sensing Technology

Optical Fiber Sensing Technology

Industrial Computed Tomography

Laser LiDAR Technology

Flexible Sensing Technology

Intelligent Sensing Technology for Rail Transit

Intelligent Sensing Technology for Power Network

Intelligent Sensing Technology for Home

Intelligent Sensing Technology for Internet of Things

Deep Study Technology for Intelligent Sensing

Gas sensing technologies

Photodetection technologies

Conference 8: Sub-nanometer Accuracy Measurement for Synchrotron Optics and X-ray Optics

High-precision Laboratory Testing of X-Ray Reflector

Surface Metrology for High-Precision X-Ray Reflector Fabrication

X-Ray Wavefront Sensing

Metrology of X-Ray Elliptical Mirror

Novel X-Ray Reflector

Calibration Equipment of Sub-Nanometer Accuracy

Evaluation Standard for High-Precision Metrology of X-Ray Reflector 

Conference 9: Workshop

Laser Cleaning

Laser Ultrasonic

Laser Welding

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