The 7th International Symposium on

26-29 April 2014
Harbin, China
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Yang Li


  P.O. Box 350, Shuangliu, Chengdu, China 610209

Advanced Optical Manufacturing
and Testing
Technologies 2014


Plenary Talk

Plenary Presentation
9:00-12:40  April 26         Plenaries 1 to 5          Globe Theatre
Location: Globe Theatre, Harbin International Conference Center
Plenary Session 1
(Time:  9:00 to 9:40)

  1. Manufacturing the Optics for the Thirty Meter Telescope

      Prof. Larry Stepp (USA)
      Telescope Department Head for the Thirty Meter Telescope Project, USA
美国三十米望远镜项目主任, 美国加州大学TMT(三十米望远镜)

(Time:  9:40 to 10:20)

  1. The Progress of the European Extremely Large Telescope

      Dr. Bernard Delabre (Germany)
      Optical Design Engineer, ESO-European Southern Observatory
欧洲南方天文台光学设计师, 项目负责人

(Time:  10:20 to 11:00)

  1. Method and procedure for the high-efficiency and ultra-precision diamond turning of large optical mirrors

      Dr. Tao Sun (China)
      Prof. and Director of the Centre for Precision Engineering(CPE)
哈尔滨工业大学 精密工程所所长、孙涛教授

Tea time (11:00-11:20)
Plenary Session 2
(Time:  11:20 to 12:00)

  1. Precision nanometrology for fabrication of micro optics

      Dr. Wei Gao (Japan)
      Professor and the Director of Research Center for Precision Nanosystems, Dept. of Nanomechanics of Tohoku University
日本东北大学 纳米机械系 精密纳米系统研究中心主任, 高伟教授

(Time:  12:00 to 12:40)

  1. Advanced Manufacturing and Testing Technologies for Multiple Mirror Space Telescopes

      Dr. Zhang Xuejun (China)
      Prof. Vice President of Changchun Institute of Optics, Fine Mechanics and Physics, CAS
中国科学院长春光学精密机械与物理研究所, 张学军博士/副所长

Lunch time (13:00-14:00)
14:00-17:00 April 26          Plenaries 6 to 9          Globe Theatre
Location: Globe Theatre, Harbin International Conference Center
Plenary Session 3
(Time:  14:00 to 14:40)

  1. Diffractive optical elements: fabrication and application
    衍射光学元件: 制造和应用

      Prof. A.G. Poleshchuk (Russia)
      Head of the Laboratory Of Diffractive Optics
俄罗斯科学院远东分院自动化与电子学研究所, 衍射光学实验室主任A.拋莱斯丘克教授
      Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia

(Time:  14:40 to 15:20)

  1. Advanced ion beam finishing and atmospheric plasma technology for high end optics

      Dr. Axel SCHINDLER (Germany)
      Science and Technology Consultant in ion beam and plasma technology for ultra-precision surface processing
Leibniz Institute of Surface Modification, IOM

Tea time (15:20-15:40)
Plenary Session 4
(Time:  15:40 to 16:20)

  1. Complex hybrid plasmonics: new materials and new functionalities
    复杂混合离子激元: 新材料与新功能

      Dr. Harald Giessen (Germany)
      Chair for Ultrafast Nanooptics in the Department of Physics at the University of Stuttgart
斯图加特大学物理系超快纳米光学实验室主任, 剑桥大学客座研究员

(Time:  16:20 to 17:00)

  1. Manipulating the polarization states of electromagnetic waves using sub-wavelength structures

      Prof. LUO Xiangang (China)

      Director of State Key Laboratory of Optical Technologies on Nano-Fabrication and Micro-Engineering
中国科学院光电技术研究所研究员, 微细加工光学技术国家重点实室主任, 国家973计划首席科学家



Conference 1: Large Mirror and Telescopes
JIANG Wenhan, Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering (China)
Myung K. Cho, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (USA)
WU Fan, Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS (China)

We invite you to submit papers on the following and related topics to this conference.

  • Mirrors for large astronomical and space telescopes
  • Light-weighted mirror technology
  • Large deployable mirror and telescopes
  • New and innovative mirror and telescope designs 
  • Advanced testing methods for large mirror
  • Support systems and structures
  • New material for large mirrors

Conference 2: Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technologies
YANG Li, COMT, COS (China)
Eric Ruch, SAGEM Défense Sécurité REOSC Department Avenue de la Tour Maury 91220 Saint Pierre du Perray (France)
LI Shengyi, National University of Defense Technology (China)

Please submit papers on the following and related topics to this conference.

  • Advanced optical manufacturing technologies
  • Aspheric optics design, manufacturing and testing
  • Ultra-precision freeform surfaces design, manufacturing and Testing
  • Super-precision optical manufacturing
  • Optical thin film coatings
  • Diamond turning technology
  • Optical design and simulation software and tool
  • Optoelectronics components and modules integration and manufacturing
  • Opto-mechanical components and devices

Conference 3: Optical Test, Measurement Technology, and Equipments
ZHANG Yudong, Director of Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS (China)
Jose M. Sasian, Prof. of University of Arizona (USA)
Wei Gao , Professor of Tohoku University(Japan)
Sandy To, Hong Kong Polytechnic University (China HK)

Please submit papers on the following and related topics to this conference.

  • Test for aspheric optical surface
  • Test for super- precision optical surface
  • Measurement for super smooth surface
  • Measurement of optical thin film
  • Test with infrared technologies
  • Optical contamination
  • Optical test and measurement for nanometer technology
  • New and innovative metrology and equipment
  • Analysis and modeling tools and software

Conference 4: Design, Manufacturing and Testing of Micro and Nano Optical Devices and Systems
YE Tianchun, Director of Institute of Microelectronics, Chinese Academy of Science (China)
A.G. Poleshchuk, Head of the Laboratory Of Diffractive Optics of Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia)
HU Song, Institute of Optics and Electronics (IOE), CAS (China)

Papers on the following and related topics should be submitted to this conference.

  • Micro and nano optical system design, manufacturing and testing
  • Nano metrology technology and tools
  • Nanoscale imaging and sensing technologies
  • Nanofluidics device design, fabrication and testing
  • Fabrication of MEMS/MOEMS devices
  • Testing and Characterization of MEMS/MOEMS
  • MEMS/MOEMS reliability
  • Packaging of MEMS/MOEMS devices
  • Next generation lithography
  • EUVL research and development
  • Advances in thin film coating for MEMS
  • Microfluidics, BioMEMS, and Medical Microsystems

Conference 5: Opto-Electronics Material and Devices for Sensing and Imaging
JIANG Yadong, Dean of School of Optoelectronic Information, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Bernard Kippelen, Vice Director, Center of Organic Photonics and Electronics, Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)
YU Junsheng, State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated devices (China)
The primary topics for the conference are as following:

  • Properties of optoelectronic materials
  • Nano materials for optoelectronic device application
  • Properties of Sensing materials in detector technology
  • Detector design, integration and fusion
  • Detector data collection and analysis
  • Vision and image processing
  • Novel display and processing techniques
  • Organic and polymer light emitting device for displays and lighting
  • LED and OLED related technologies
  • Thin film transistors technology
  • Organic and polymer memory devices

Conference 6: Smart Structure and Materials for Manufacturing and Testing
LUO Xiangang, Institute of Optics and Electronics, CAS (China)
Harald Giessen, University of Stuttgart. (Germany)
Xiaoyi Bao, Prof. of University of Ottawa(Canada)

Papers on the following and related topics are welcome for this conference.

  • Smart structures and materials
  • Structural health monitoring
  • Optical fiber sensors and applications
  • Design, fabrication, and application of metamaterials
  • Plasmonic devices and sensors
  • Directive antenna
  • Design, fabrication, and application of nanostructures
  • Passive and active vibration isolation systems
  • Shape memory alloys
  • SMA- and piezo-based materials and systems
  • Aircraft, MAV/UAV and morphing systems


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Conference Dates
26–29 April 2014
Abstract Due:
30 November 2013

Manuscript Due:
20 April 2014

Registration Date
25 April 2014
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*University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
*Sichuan University
*Sichuan Optical Society
*State Key Laboratory of Optical Technologies on Nano-Fabrication and Micro-Engineering
*State Key Laboratory of Adaptive Optics
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