The 5th International Symposium on

26-29 April 2010
Dalian, China
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Yang Li
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Advanced Optical Manufacturing
and Testing
Technologies 2010

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The 5th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies (AOMATT 2010) is to be held in April 26-29, 2010 in the beautiful city of Dalian, China.

AOMATT2010 will feature six conference topics, an increase of two conferences from earlier symposium. Another improvement will be the use of SPIE onlinemanuscript submission. We encourage you to submit your abstracts early.


AOMATT2010 Daily Event Schedule General


April 25,2010



*Attendee Domestic Registration in DalianWorldExpoCenter

Add£ºNo 10, F Area, Xinghai Square of Dalian

Attendee Abroad Registration in Howard Johnson Parkland Hotel Dalian,

Add. No 95,Huizhan Road ,Sha hekou District,Dalian

April 26,2010



8:30-9:00 Opening Ceremony/Dalian World Expo Center

Multifunctional Hall

9:00-12:30 Plenary Presentation




Multifunctional Hall

Academician Forum: Manufacturing Science Progress



Welcome Banquet

Add£ºXinhai Square of Dalian

April 27,2010



8:30-12:00/ DalianWorldExpoCenter

Oral Presentation in 6 Specific Conferences


13:30-17:00/ DalianWorldExpoCenter

Oral Presentation in 6 Specific Conferences

April 28,2010



8:30-12:00/ DalianWorldExpoCenter

¢ñ.Oral Presentation in 6 Specific Conferences

¢ò.Preparation of Post Presentation



13:30-17:00/ DalianWorldExpoCenter

Post Presentation/ Exhibition Hall




DalianWorldExpoCenter, Conference Hall

FORUM for Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technology and Equipment


April 29,2010


Touring in Lushun and Dalian

April 30,2010

Conference Close

¢ò.Plenary Presentation
2010.4.26, 9:00-12:30Multifunctional Hall, DalianWorldExpoCenter

1. SAGEM, France
Dr. Roland Geyl£º
The Challenges From VLT to ELT project in astronomy and from DUV to EUV in lithography optics

2. NationalUniversity of Singapore
Dr. Hong Minghui
Laser Precision Engineering: A Versatile Micro- & Nanomanufacturing Means

3£®CHUBU University, Japan , Dept. of Mechanical Engineering£¬Head of InnovationCenter,
Dr.and Prof. Yoshiharu Namba
Fabrication of Pt/C multilayer-coated mirrors for hard X-ray telescopes

4. 2010 President of OSA£¬Dean and Prof. of College of Optical Sciences, UniversityArizona, USA
Dr.and Prof. James C. Wyant
The Development in Optical Testing Technology during the Last Decade


¢ó. Academician Forum: Manufacturing Science Progress
2010.4.26,13:30-17:00 Multifunctional Hall, DalianWorldExpoCenter

1.Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, ChineseAcademy of Science
Academician, ChineseAcademy of Science
San FengTing
Progress of Chemical Oxygen Iodine Laser

2.Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine-Mechanical Engineering, ChineseAcademy of Science
Academician, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Fan DianYuan
The Challenges to the Advanced Optical Manufacturing Technology from Laser Fusion Engineering

3£®Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, ChineseAcademy of Science
Academician, ChineseAcademy of Science
Chu JunHao
Advanced Spectroscopy for Characterization of Materials

4.Nanjing Institute for Astronomy Optical Technology, ChineseAcademy of Science
Academician,ChineseAcademy of Science
Chui Xiangqun£º
The Advanced Optical Technologies of LAMOST Telescope





@ Important Dates

Conference Dates
26¨C29 April 2010
Abstract Due:
15 December 2009
Manuscript Due:
30 March 2010
Registration Date
25 April 2010
Publishing Date
30 September 2010

@ Sponsored By

The Institute of Optics and Electronics
The Chinese Optical Society
@ Technical Cosponsor
The International Society for Optics and Photonics

@ Cooperating

* German Society of Applied Optics
* Optics and Photonics Society of Singapore
* Optical Society of SichuanProvince
* State Key Laboratory of Microfabrication
* Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
* Dalian University of Technology
* Changchun Institute of Fine Optical Machining and Physics, CAS
* ChangchunUniversity of Science and Technology
* NationalUniversity of Defense Technology
* Harbin Institute of Technology
* Beijing Institute of Technology
* University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
* Crystechcoating Inc.

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