The 3rd International Symposium on

8-12 July 2007
Cheng du, China
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Contact:               YANG LI
  P.O. Box 350, Shuangliu, Chengdu, China 610209

Advanced Optical Manufacturing
and Testing
Technologies 2007


Chengdu is one of the three best citys(Chengdu, Hangzhou, Dalian) for traveling in China, capital of Sichuan province, is not only China's important industrial base, but also a well-known historical and cultural city in southwest China, with a history of 2,500 years. In the vicinity of the city, there are a 2000-year-old water conservancy project, Dujiangyan Irrigation System, a Taoist mountain called Qingcheng Shan (Green-city mountain). In addition, about 160 kilometers away from Chengdu lies the largest Buddha statue Leshan Grand Buddha and a Buddhist sacred mountain, Mt. Emei. All the historical sites and scenic spots are well worth a visit, not to say, the tea houses, the local cuisine and the traditional arts and crafts.

Chengdu is the main gateway to Tibet; there are daily flights to the Potala Palace at Lhasa, When the word Tibet is mentioned something icy chils the readers' nerves. In fact it snows only once or twice in a year and owing to the perpetuity of bright sunshine. Tristar piles the ruins is a distance 5000 to 3000 about ancient SiChuan cultural remains site, the area amounts to 12 square kilometers now, is Chinese one of 20th century significant archaeology discoveries. The world famous Base of Panda is home to panda. The historical sites of Temple of San Su  is well worth a visit.

Located south of Chengdu,  Jiuzhaigou Valley which is fantastic fairyland belongs to carbonate barrier lake landform with high mountains and deep valleys. There are nine old Tibetan villages in the gorge, hence the name Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Travel lines of 12, JULY 2007(conference arranged with free charge)

1, Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Qingcheng Shan
Tristar Piles and the Base of Panda
3,. Leshan Grand Buddha  and Temple of San Su  

Travel lines of 13, JULY 2007( conference arranged with self payment )

1, Jiuzhaigou Valley, flight in three days, by bus four days                                                                      2, the Potala Palace at Lhasa, Tibet, flight in four day

Notice:      Please tell us your choice about the travel line listed above in advance; Register attendance who is going to the Potala Palace at Lhasa has to  fax the valid page of your passport to 86-28-85100070 with a short notice to Lhasa before 8.June, 2007according to Chinese Travel Management Department. 




 Jiuzhaigou Valley Scenic and Historic Interest Area        
The Potala Palace at Lhasa  
Leshan Giant Buddha  
the Base of Panda
Cultural Relic of  Tristar  Piles

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Conference Dates
8–12 July 2007
Abstract Due:
28 February 2007 Later abstract will be accepted till March20,2007.
Manuscript Due:
Later manuscript will be accepted till June 30,2007.

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